Published: 30 April, 2021

Why Measurement And Improvement Is Vital For Website Lead Generation In Fund Marketing

Your fund website is in effect a marketing campaign, as it’s there to attract leads. So, just as with any campaign, you must be careful to monitor what is and isn’t working and test new approaches – so you can discover what brings in most leads.

For instance, you can test if a pop-up sign-up form works better than a static form. Or if adding a new type of content – such as videos or infographics – improves your lead sign-up rates.  But make sure you just test one thing at a time, otherwise you won’t know which change has made the difference.  Another important aspect of monitoring and improving is to look at your competitors’ sites – what’s working on there that could work on yours? Finally, be brave enough to ask people what they think of your site – what could you do better and differently? Is there anything you could change that would make them more likely to invest with you, or look for more information on your fund?

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