Published: 12 June, 2023

Why Do Funds Need Digital Marketing?

The world of fund marketing has moved on from sealing deals at polo matches, live events, and over dinner.

Some business will still be done like that, of course, but we are now in the age of the digital investor – where sales are made with people you never even see, let alone have a meal with. In short, the investor journey has become almost completely digital.

To compete, and win, within this new reality, you must work hard to set up a digital presence that attracts prospects through quality content, such as thought leadership articles, emails, website copy, and social media posts.

This content can attract potential investors through both outbound and inbound marketing.

  • Outbound marketing is where you try to convince people to come to you. For example, you write an email to your list about a particular fund and get a reply from a prospect who wants to talk to you about it.
  • Inbound marketing is when people choose to come to you, rather than you actively pursuing them. For example, they find your website and leave a message asking for more information as they like what your web copy says.

So, the more quality copy you have out there – the more inbound and outbound leads you are going to get and the more prospects you will eventually turn into investors.

But how are you going to produce all this content on an ongoing basis?

That’s a challenge, no doubt about it, but you can make the task much easier by tracking and analysing the data you get from your content. This allows you to see crucial metrics, such as:

  • Which channels – social, web, email etc – are working best
  • Which themes people are most interested in
  • Which products and funds receive the most attention
  • Which countries are most receptive to your marketing

This lets you channel your time and energy into what’s working – and lay off on what isn’t. So, you are not blindly creating content, and pumping it out across all possible channels, in the hope that some of it will do the job.

When you can see what works well and where, you know the type of content that needs to be created and the best channels to use.

And you can then take analytics one step further to identify the individuals who are engaging most with your content, e.g:

  • Prospects who are highly engaged with your content and look at pretty much everything you send them – but haven’t yet spoken to sales. These people are an immediate target for a sales call.
  • Prospects who previously stopped looking at your content – then started again. They may have gone elsewhere, but are now looking at your firm once more and could be ready to invest.
  • Existing investors who have started engaging with content related to products they don’t currently hold, suggesting a cross-selling opportunity.
  • Current investors who have stopped looking at and engaging with your content. This is a red flag for a potential redemption, but a call from sales could head it off.

The value of this data is obvious. But in most firms, if it’s available at all, this type of information is contained in multiple spreadsheets, which makes it difficult to access.

The point you want to reach is where this data is easily accessible in one place, which lets you see a complete picture of each person – where they live, how they have interacted with your content, what (if anything) they are currently invested in etc.

This is the ultimate aim of your digital marketing – so that, with just a few clicks, your sales team can see who they need to speak to and how best to approach the conversation.

Key learning points:

  • The investor journey is now almost entirely digital
  • You need quality content, available through multiple channels, to attract investors
  • Measuring engagement data makes content creation easier, as it tells you what you need to concentrate on
  • Data analysis also helps you create a single snapshot of client engagement history and preferences, which is incredibly valuable in terms of raising and retaining AuM

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