Published: 23 August, 2021

Who Will Be The Big Winners In The Fund Marketing Sector After The COVID-19 Pandemic? (2021-2025)

The big winners in fund marketing after COVID-19 will be those firms that have used digital communication and marketing most effectively and have reached out well to both prospects and clients.

This is particularly true for smaller firms – those with £5bn or less of assets under management – as they are facing a double whammy of challenges. The figures show that less investment is coming into these companies, and more asset redemptions are flowing out, in comparison to larger firms. That’s probably because investors are less willing to take risks during a period of major uncertainty, thus go with big names they know. This means funds are going to have to work harder for less reward. But strong digital communication and marketing can help you face this, as it’s a way of setting yourself apart and building trust. This is absolutely essential during these troubled times, when investors are looking for solidity and reassurance.

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