Published: 11 October, 2020

Who Are The ‘Invisible Investors’ And What Do They Mean For Fund Marketing?

The rise of online communication, coupled with the aftershock of the coronavirus crisis, means the investor journey is now almost totally digital, which has accelerated the rise of the ‘invisible investor’ – those prospects and clients who you never even see.

This has changed the sales and marketing dynamic for many firms in asset management, funds, investment management, private banks etc – sectors where business have often revolved around events, meetings, and hosting at big sports events. Instead, the invisible investor is typified by a new generation of millennials who are used to the instant gratification offered by technology. To satisfy this, you need an investor portal on your website where your clients can access their accounts to track investments and see if they are on the right path, or if they need to make a course correction. And to attract new clients, in a world where you are increasingly unlikely to meet them, you need to think in terms of digital content – articles, emails, videos etc – that is both easily accessible and put in front of prospects without much effort on their part.

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