Published: 10 March, 2022

How Funds Can Use CRM And Digital Marketing To Raise Assets In 2022

CRM systems and Digital Marketing platforms can be distance-cousins.

Whether you are in sales or marketing within a fund, the most important thing you can concentrate on is to identify new sources of assets and spot where assets may be about to leave. This boils down to people – those who may be ready to invest with you and those existing investors who could be preparing to redeem.

But thanks to both existing trends and the pandemic, the art of connecting and communicating with people isn’t what it used to be. It’s now almost entirely a digital process.

So, to connect with these invisible investors – who you will probably never meet – you must use digital channels, systems and techniques.

In this white paper, I’m going to look at several ways that you can use your CRM and digital marketing capabilities to raise assets in this post-pandemic world.


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