Published: 19 December, 2021

Which Marketing Channels Will Funds Prioritize in 2022

At ProFundCom we have been looking at marketing channel data from the last 2 years there has been an interesting development.

Marketing channels that were once doing well appear to have lost favour and some new ones have gained favour.

If you are making your marketing plans for 2022 and are wondering which channels to spend time and more importantly budget on, our analysis should give you a reasonably good idea. We have analysed data over the last 2 years from our 270 alternative fund users and have generated the analysis. What is really of note is that the outcomes are very different from the areas that other generic B2B and B2C marketing reports for the year are focusing on. There is almost a new category that is emerging – B2I – which seems to have a completely different set of marketing efficiencies. Whilst generic platforms focus on Personalisation, Market Segmentation, Demographics and Marketing Automation it is only Marketing Automation that seems to have relevance for the fund marketer.

Key your eye on Marketing Automation and Social Direct Messaging and the progress that they have been making.

This is all being underpinned by great content. If you are able to dedicate budget to marketing headcount and training build a team that is comfortable with multimedia content creation, video editing, and the latest best practices and trends in content strategy.

As the CEO of Hubspot recently said “Every year, people think email will go by way of Palm Pilots and CDs and every year, she rears her head and says — not this year! In 2021, 77% of marketers reported seeing more engagement with email over the past year. Email marketers are using hyper-personalized messages, showing transparency and authenticity in a year where there was no choice but to be upfront with customers and employees alike. Marketers this year are sending less weekly emails than last year, but prioritizing segmentation, personalization, and automation.” He was gracious to acknowledge ProFundCom, that whilst MailChimp and Constant Contact are built for the SME marketing and Salesforce is for the enterprise. there are new entrants for niche use-cases.

Well if you consider 20 years as a niche player!!!




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