Published: 6 February, 2021

Which Email Content Performs The Best?

It stands to reason that emails that are promotional in nature will have more images and get caught up in SPAM Traps which affects deliverability and open rates.

Text emails tend to be more transactional or one-to-one based, so will naturally have a better open rate.

So the there are two questions that need to be asked if you are wondering why is my email open rate so low or how to get your emails opened or if your email open rates declining will be

  • Is there a balance between text and images in emails
  • Is there a best time to send emails

Is there a balance between text and images, yes there is and if you have a look at the list below you can see some great examples

The question on the best time to send an email is dependent on a number of factors including quality of mailing list, content and industry.

Some interesting thoughts on sending times are:

10 a.m.: Is the general consensus that this is the best time to send Another time of note is 11 a.m.
8 p.m.-midnight: People checking their messages and emails before going to bed.
2 p.m.: People in a post-lunch haze and looking for distractions. It is also the start of the day in the US and the end of the day in Asia.
6 a.m.: Before you even roll-out of bed, you’re opening emails.

*Times are GMT


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