Published: 1 September, 2022

What Should You Next Post – When You Have A Brain Freeze or Writers Block

What should you post next?

Are you staring at an empty screen trying to find inspiration for your next LinkedIn post? There’s no need to feel stuck – Here’s what you’re going to do:

?Ask a colleague: Colleagues work within your business, creating solutions that help customers daily. Ask for suggestions, hold round-table discussions, or ask for guest posts to give your blog a new voice and a new lease on life.

You don’t want to ask?

? Copy Your Own Best Performing Posts

? Repost Your Own Content

? Repurpose Your Content

? Create Content Based on Other

? Share Your Story

? A Year in Review

? Throwback Thursday

? Answer Frequently Asked Questions

? Share Testimonials

? User-Generated Content

? Record Short Videos

? Tutorials

? Bits and Pieces of Your Personal Life

? Inspirational quotes

? Show Your Workspace

? Promote Your Free Resources


➡️ Your call to action (e.g. link to your site or details of where the reader can find out more).


You are welcome!!!


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