Published: 14 February, 2021

What Personalisation In Email?

Personalisation makes emails more relevant.

With email, there is a lot more customer data you have and collect than you do on almost any other channel. It is, for this reason, emails are the most important channel for personalised marketing experiences. Whilst the effort that goes into personalisation is hard work and requires multiple data collection points, the return on investment of email is significant.

So other then Dear Fred, what can be personalised in an email? It could be additional information like their investments, which jurisdiction they live in and can be marketed to, how many times have been on the website or investor portal, or a number of other data points.

Personalising email campaigns is a proven way to increase engagement and will have a definitive impact on marketing ROI and fund inflows. Our own analytics have demonstrated that emails with personalised subject lines are more likely to be opened than those without.



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