Published: 15 February, 2021

What Must The Fund Marketing Sector Do To Prepare For A Post-Pandemic World?

The most important thing fund marketers must do to prepare for a post-pandemic world is to put resources into communicating effectively with prospective and existing investors. That hinges on bringing all the data you collect through your digital marketing efforts together in a way that generates sales opportunities.

Firstly this means you must integrate data, so everything that pours in from your website, social channels, email marketing etc, is brought together in one place, to facilitate an overall view of performance. Secondly, from this data you must find the prospective investors who are most engaged with you but have still not spoken to your sales team, existing investors who are looking at different funds or products – so could be a cross-selling opportunity – clients who have stopped looking at your content, so could be looking to redeem assets, and the new prospects who have just started engaging with you in the last twelve months. When you have all this information you must get it in front of your sales team via a lead deck within your CRM. This must enable a sales rep to access a snapshot of any prospect or existing investor and see a history of all engagement content, so they can quickly see what they like, what they don’t like, and even which digital touchpoint brought them into the fold in the first place.

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