Published: 13 July, 2020

What Is The Most Important Aspect Of Investor-Centric Fund Marketing?

Investor-centric fund marketing means treating each one of your investors as an individual and guiding them through the whole process – from the first time they appear on your radar right through to actually making an investment – with information that is specific to their needs. Effectively, you nurture them all the way to the sale – and that means that investor nurturing is the most important aspect of the whole process.

By nurturing, you send relevant communications to your potential investors based on their actions and interests – so they are receiving consistent, helpful information from you. This helps to build trust and, ultimately, it is trust that sells. Marketing automation now makes this process far less time-consuming and laborious than relying on human action. A digital marketing platform such as ProFundCom helps you to analyse data throughout the sales cycle, identifying what each lead is engaging with – and what they are ignoring. This helps you nurture your audience, as you are able to send them more of the information they are interested in – and less of the type of information they show little or no interest in.

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