Published: 14 February, 2021

What Is The Best Way To Build An Email Strategy For Fund Managers?

There are a number of ways that you can build an email strategy and these can be as simple or as complex as your ego allows.  After all. if a complex email strategy fails most marketers will probably not be chastised. But be also aware of simple solutions – we are often drawn towards simple answers to complex problems.

There are some universal steps to take before building out an email strategy.

  1. Identify what the specific email marketing goal. Investor retention? To upsell or cross-sell funds? The real key is to determine the quantitative and qualitative details of these initiatives. Just for clarity, quantitative data can be counted, measured, and expressed using numbers whilst qualitative data is descriptive and conceptual. Qualitative data can be categorized based on traits and characteristics.
  2. Next, make sure each part of your email marketing aligns with the overall digital marketing strategy of your organization.
  3. Build a process for continuous improvement. Interestingly enough, continuous improvement comes in 2 flavours –  “incremental” improvement over time or breakthrough” improvement all at once.

4 of the most powerful metrics to measure how well an email strategy is performing are:

  • Is the distribution growing?
  • Are the emails convincing?
  • Is the content working?
  • Are people tired of the content?

Best email marketing strategy for fund managers


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