Published: 16 September, 2020

What Is The Best Way to Approach The New Face Of Digital Fund Marketing?

When facing up to the new digital demands of financial marketing – where you often never see investors face to face – the right approach is to invest in your digital capabilities to improve how you connect with prospects and existing investors online.

Therefore, you must have quality online content that people want to interact and engage with. And by interacting with this content – through opening, clicking, liking etc – they leave behind valuable data that can transform your marketing efforts and ability to raise AuM. All this activity reveals information that can help you become better informed about your client base. You can do this through AI-based marketing automations that use behavioural weighting to assess responses and activity. This is simply a set of adjustable metrics that tell your system how to score activity. For example, when a prospect responds consistently to a certain type of fund information by opening emails and clicking on links – then they are recorded as having a particular interest in that fund. And all this information, from across your whole marketing spectrum, can then be automatically transferred into a ‘lead deck’ within your CRM, where your sales teams can see all engagement data pertinent to a single client or prospect in one place, which offers a huge advantage in any sales conversation.

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