Published: 27 December, 2021

What Is The Best Channel For Fund Marketing ?

So you start your marketing campaign and sit back and wait for the funds to roll in.

Because that will really work!!

Inbound marketing is not easy and just because you have spent time and money on a new website and re-branding means that there is a long wait before that takes grip in the investors’ minds. However, inbound marketing is critical as if you’re still relying on your sales team to generate leads, nurture the leads and close the investments, you’re not positioning your fund to grow. Now, you Google the manager, visit its website and if the fund looks good — meaning it gives you everything you could possibly want — you don’t need to talk to anyone. If the firm isn’t so good, you simply leave its site and bounce off to the next competitor’s site. Of course, we meet lots of managers who disagree with that and are all about meeting allocators face-to-face. What they are missing out on is the shift in the sales and marketing dynamic. Years ago, if you wanted information on a product, service or company, you called and spoke to a sales person. Not today.

It’s not until the prospect is almost ready to invest that they will call you.

It all takes time, so we decided to plot the most effective channels over time and cost and effort.

And here are the results.

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