Published: 19 October, 2019

What Is Sales Enablement And What Role Can It Play In Fund Marketing?

The simple description of sales enablement is it’s a way for marketing to help sales representatives prepare for one-to-one interactions with potential buyers. In fund marketing, sales enablement can unite your teams around a shared understanding of how to best communicate with your prospects and existing investors. And that can only be a good thing for AuM.

It may sound like a common sense thing to do but, due to the divide that so often exists between sales and marketing departments, it is often not done properly – if at all. But marketing and sales must work together to drive what is their common purpose – boosting assets under management. So, you should make a point of working on initiatives to share more of marketing’s content and strategies with your sales team. This could mean, for example, regular meetings between the two departments, attending events together, and marketers listening in on sales calls. You can also use an online portal such as Basecamp, where people can jot down ideas whenever they occur. Put the best initiatives on a shared sales/marketing spreadsheet, where everyone can add comments and suggestions, as it’s important to encourage open dialogue and for everyone to focus on which messages are resonating most with investors.

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