Published: 8 April, 2022

What Can We Learn From David Attenborough About Content Creation

We all have views on what great fund marketing content looks like.

Whatever content you create, it is all about building and nurturing a one to one connection between investors and managers.

A great example of somebody who builds incredible connections with us in the mainstream media is Sir David Attenborough.  One of his hallmarks is his continual ability to educate, enlighten and entertain. Because no matter what he puts out, his content universally has these three key elements to it. And whether you look at his early work, to all the things he’s doing now his content is enchanting and focuses on the three pillars of creating content that educates, entertains and absolutely enlightens us.

He absolutely has a content philosophy.

One of the things that are worth noting is that if you if you think that he’s writing his material himself, you will be mistaken. There is a whole team that sits behind the work that his production company uses to create the content that ticks those three boxes. That is why some of the best communicators in the fund space have dedicated specialists to generate the copy that is used across the various distribution channels.

The is actually a fourth ‘e’ that nobody really talks about. The fourth ‘e’ is, is to be emotional, and create an emotional connection between what is being produced to what’s being consumed and understood but the investor and prospect audience.

Ten other reasons to imitate David are listed on the BBC website but here they are listed below.

1. His voice.
2. He knows his stuff.
3. He is genuinely interested in the subject matter.
4. He’s humble.
5. He’s funny.
6. He’s crafty.
7. He’s caring.
8. He’s reasonable.
9. His reputation proceeds him.
10. He gives us hope.

With all that to hand, using some of David Attenborough’s content techniques may not be a bad idea – and could be a useful motivation to the managers that struggle to generate content for you!!

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