Published: 7 November, 2019

What Can The Meerkats Ad Campaign Teach You About Fund Marketing?

The campaign featuring a fictional meerkat family is one of the biggest marketing successes of recent times. And it gives a lesson to fund marketers in how to create a campaign that consistently boosts brand profile.

The meerkats campaign is a great reminder that marketing ideas work best when they’re given space to grow and reinvent themselves. But perhaps its biggest achievement is that the meerkats are instantly synonymous with the brand. Nothing else needs to be said or done to encourage the connection between Aleksander and co and The big takeaway here is the idea of developing something that’s memorable and engaging and that links directly with your brand however you use it. Even if the funds sector isn’t the place for cuddly fictional meerkats, you can still come up with a concept that achieves the same effect – it just has to be something that runs through all your marketing collateral to give you an instantly effective way of connecting with your audience.

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