Published: 19 April, 2020

What are the gaps in your digital marketing reporting?

Noting describes the post-sales process of any product than the experience of the hype-curve. 

Sales teams are taught to sell along the unrealistic expectation curve because they are playing the finite game of chasing sales whilst the clients are playing the longer game of deploying and implementing a solution. This is exacerbated when they are using generic products to solve niche problems that they were never designed to do – implemented by consultants you have never solved that problem before. Very soon you move away from being a specialist in what you are delivering to the business to someone who is trying to manage a huge inefficiency and distraction. Many have ended their careers in the valley of disillusionment only for the process to start again with the new personnel. 

Once we are all past the glory of dashboards, that offer a single dimension view of a business how do you address the gaps in them that truly move the needle on the business and start to target where AuM can be raised and where is there potentially money walking out of the door? 

So how do you fill those gaps in your reporting? 

The first step is to bring all your digital marketing channels’ analytics into one place. The second is to work out which ones are identifiable based on the data they have given you permission to access like via the CRM, event subscriptions or website logins. Once that is collected it is working out what signals identify an opportunity to raise AuM and how that is delivered to the right person in the organisation in real-time not 8 weeks later.  

The ProFundCom Ribbon and LeadDeck fill the gaps past the dashboard and the valley of disillusionment into a point where enlightenment drive your marketing activity and more importantly your investment into in it to being productive. 

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