WEBINAR::How to Drive CRM Adoption in Fund Management with Marketing Automation

Published: 7 March, 2023

CRMs can be a big investment.

And whilst most funds need to use one, internal adoption can be poor.

For sales and investor relations teams especially, the data held within a CRM can become stale and rigid. Still, this data becomes far more valuable and actionable through integration with digital marketing tech.

Join Paul Das, Founder of ProFundCom, on the 24 March at 3 pm GMT/10 am EST, when I will talk you through how CRMs become more indispensable and powerful when integrated with a specialist marketing automation solution, including:

• Streamlining processes for marketing teams
• Making data actionable for sales and investor relations
• Sales and marketing alignment – how to join forces and nurture prospective and existing investors

Please register here to book your place. You will receive a replay if you cannot make it on the day.

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