Published: 11 May, 2023

WEBINAR::6 Integrations Built to De-Stress the Fund Marketing Process

Funds are getting more advanced with their marketing efforts, but with progress, there can be complexity.

By adding more digital channels into the mix, funds suddenly operate multiple systems and extract data into multiple spreadsheets. Marketing teams become less efficient, and the data becomes stale and less actionable.

Each channel that is added increases inefficiency by 15%

But there is an easier way.

Join me, Paul Das, CEO of ProFundCom, on the 9 June at 2 pm BST/9 am EDT when I will guide you through some of the best integrations to de-stress the fund marketing process, including:

• Zoom, ON24 and other event platforms
• Fund Document Platforms
• Investor Portals
• Website
• Social Media
• Power BI/Tableau

You can register here to book your space. You will receive a replay if you cannot make it on the day.

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