Published: 6 April, 2021

REPLAY::4 Key Considerations When Using Creative Design in Fund Marketing

REPLAY::4 Key Considerations When Using Creative Design in Fund Marketing

Since the pandemic struck, we’ve been busy helping small and mid-size hedge funds that, quite suddenly, have needed to up their digital game. What has become apparent is that most are faced with similar challenges and concerns, so we wanted to put together a series of short but informative webinars covering the basics.

Our second instalment of the series is focusing on how to use creative design in email templates.

With email being so fundamentally important when communicating with investors, it is crucial to get the design right. Almost 40% of emails are viewed for eight seconds or less so in our next webinar, we’re going to be looking at four key considerations you need to take into account when designing an email campaign.

In this 30-minute educational session, we’re going to be joined by two creative experts –  Kathryn Bloom, Brand Manager at London & Capital and Jamie Graham, Head of Design at ProFundCom – who will guide you through the key components of planning and executing successful email templates.

This replay covers:

• What do you need to consider when designing an email template?
• Brand vs Content. How to strike a balance
• Tips to effectively communicate your values, investment strategy, attitude to risk and performance
• How can you use creative design to make your message sing and differentiate from other funds?

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