Published: 12 January, 2022

Update on Tideway Odyssey – HALF WAY!

Would you believe that its already been a month since Victoria and Saf started their journey and today they’ve hit the halfway point with only 1388 miles to go!

The girls are doing really well, they’ve seen amazing wildlife and the weather is starting to improve and becoming a lot hotter. Over the last few days, they’ve had very little wind so they’re slightly struggling with the heat.

Victoria and Saf have said that the Flying Fish are incredible to watch, they don’t fly straight and sometimes they land in the boat! However, the most exciting visit to the boat was this week when they had a 30ft Whale underneath the boat in full view, which I’m sure we can all agree must have been terrifying!

At the moment they are excepted to be arriving at English Harbour in Antigua on 17th February so please keep following and sending your support messages via their Instagram page as these messages are being passed onto them.

The attached pictures show Victoria hard at work and also with a broken oar which was broken in bad weather on Friday night (they are prepared for these kinds of things to happen and have spares), Saf doing the all-important cleaning of barnacles off the boat and one of the many beautiful sunsets they get to see most evenings.

The ProFundCom Foundation is delighted to be supporting Tideway Odyssey on her jouney.


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