Published: 25 May, 2022

Third Avenue Management – ProFundCom Case Study

Find out how Third Avenue replaced Pardot with ProFundCom.

About Third Avenue Management

Founded in 1986, Third Avenue Management is a New York City-based asset manager that utilizes a disciplined, value-oriented, and asset-based approach to investing in publicly traded securities. The firm’s core investment strategies encompass Global Value, Small-Cap, Real Estate and International Real Estate.

Rooted in founder Marty Whitman’s time-tested philosophy, Third Avenue adheres to a modern-value approach when evaluating commercial enterprises and the securities it issues. The key investment pillars across the firm’s strategies include financial strength, management acumen, discounted security prices, and prospects to compound value.

Christopher LaRegina – Director, Business Development and Head of Digital Strategy at Third Avenue Management – explains what ProFundCom means for his company.

Using ProFundCom has been a great experience

When I took on my present role – having previously worked as a trader at the firm – I had to establish what systems we were using, how easy they were to use, and how things could be improved. We are a boutique asset manager and have minimal resources to allocate to marketing, so our systems needed to be right.

The biggest problem I found was difficulty in setting up email campaigns. We were using Pardot, but it wasn’t the right solution for a boutique firm like us – as it was so difficult to send custom emails. It’s not a point and click system, you need to be an HTML coder – a skill we don’t have in-house. So, as Pardot didn’t offer support as part of the package, I was paying an external consultant to advise/support me on how to use the system in this regard. I found myself in many situations where I needed to get emails out quickly but having formatting issues and no support from Pardot to help me with it.

It was an untenable situation and I had to dig around to find an alternative, which is how I found out about ProFundCom The two big attractions of ProFundCom were that it was a simple point and click system for email formatting, so I could do it myself – and that support was part of the package. So, we started with ProFundCom in December 2021 and it’s been a great experience.

ProFundCom provides the best support of any financial vendor

ProFundCom is a small company, but you wouldn’t know that – as the quality and level of support is excellent. Help is there whenever I need it and the time zone difference between us in the US and ProFundCom in the UK has never been an issue. I actually need less support after switching to ProFundCom, as I can use the system myself – as opposed to Pardot, where I had to book a time with my consultant and work around his schedule, just to get the job done.

So, when I do ask for support it tends to be with technical issues, but it’s comforting to know that I can reach out whenever I like and get support from Paul and the team.  You can just tell they care, which is not something you get from the ‘big box’ vendors. I deal with many service vendors across the financial world, but ProFundCom has provided the best support to me – as both a prospect and client.

Free support really helps

I’ve also learnt a lot from the free webinars that Paul hosts. I’m sure the reason for these is ultimately to acquire new clients – and I bet it works great in that regard – but they are also useful for people like me, who are already using the platform and can pick up tips.

ProFundCom provides the best vendor service in finance

The way we use ProFundCom may well change in the future, as there are many useful add-ons to consider. The longer we use it the more obvious it will become as to how we could expand our usage.

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