Published: 6 November, 2022

The Secret Analytical Skills Every Fund Marketer Must Know

The three secrets I’m going to reveal to you in this paper are the key to using your marketing efforts to make a provable difference in the fight to raise and retain AuM.

Why are they secret?

They’re not secret in the James Bond sense of the word – and you certainly don’t have to crack any codes to get to them.

But so few know these techniques, and – more importantly – how to use them properly that an air of secrecy and even mystique surrounds them. Perhaps that’s unsurprising, as most marketing people are not involved in analysis. Instead, they are more driven by the creative side of the profession: producing great content – factsheets, articles, email, websites, webinars etc – that engages with clients and prospects.

Good content and lots of it is, of course, an essential element of any fund marketing strategy. But if you don’t analyse the performance of what’s out there, you don’t know how it relates to sales. And this can become a problem when the powers that be ask for proof of marketing ROI.

This is a challenge I faced myself two decades ago as a hedge fund marketer. I wanted to know how marketing could have more of an impact in terms of raising AuM and how you could prove that impact.

And it was this challenge that led to the birth of ProFundCom, which helps fund managers to use digital marketing to find sources of new investment and identify redemption risks.

At the core of what we do are the three skills that I’m going to describe to you in this paper. Everything I’m about to tell you is vital for the success of any fund marketing operation.

Let’s dive in…

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