Published: 27 March, 2022

The Month in Digital Marketing for Finance – March 2022

The ProFundCom team has curated the best events, opinions, insights and resources relating to digital marketing from the previous month as well as looking forwards to the month ahead. The team not only look to bring you the best articles for investment managers and hedge funds but also articles, in general, that marketers find useful.

Sentiment Tracking

Post of the Month

Investment Content Quarterly: A Special Report for investment marketers

Savvy Investor’s latest Investment Content Quarterly (ICQ) for Q1 2022 provides unique insights and market intelligence viewpoints, derived from our own data and observations. Designed to help investment marketers better understand content trends and assist them in developing their content strategy, this report includes a list of the Top 100 white papers from the Savvy Investor platform and a granular analysis of views and topic popularity. Read more


White Marble – How are investment managers scaling on a budget?

It’s no secret that the asset management world has seen its share of shakeups over the last few years. In the US, mergers and acquisitions continue to trend and will likely do so for some time to come. The multi-affiliate model is growing as well, offering investors a boutique management experience paired with scale and profitability. The debate over passive versus active is ever present and demand for ESG funds and initiatives is growing quickly. It’s an exciting time for the industry, albeit uncertain and oftentimes unpredictable. Read more

Marketing Week – A new campaign approach: Connecting customer journeys through the funnel

Bringing together brand and performance marketing teams allows more understanding of insights across the customer journey. Agencies have talked about breaking down silos for years, yet that intent has historically been hampered by common technologies, platforms and systems used through the journey that were unable to speak to each other. That lack of connection has encouraged all-too-frequent disconnect between teams at the top and bottom of the funnel: brand teams, using their own tools and techniques, were pushed away from their performance colleagues who encourage conversions at the bottom. The journey starts with awareness, through campaigns that are measured by reach and recall, before moving on to consideration and purchase, where clickthrough rates (CTRs) and cost per acquisition (CPA) will usually measure success. Read more

Cognito – Why financial brands are diving into the influencer market

Goldman Sachs, the bluest of blue chips, is investing in the influencer market.The news that the investment bank has hired a vice president to focus on social media and cultivating influencer relationships made it official – this will be the year of business to business influence online. Last year influencer marketing-related services and companies grew by 26%. The industry could reach $16.4b in 2022. Most of this strong growth comes from brands experimenting with new ways to reach customers during the pandemic. Even the stogiest of companies is realizing that they need to adopt new strategies to target evolving audiences. Read more



The ProFundCom Digital Marketing Benchmark provides real-time access to all of ProFundCom’s digital marketing data from over the last 15 years, giving users the ability to compare how their marketing campaigns are performing versus sector peers. Further detail of how other organisations are carrying out similar processes and the associated results are also available. The anonymised data is over 10 terabytes in size (which interestingly is the amount of data produced by the Hubble Space Telescope per year!) and will be split into different industry sectors as well as AuM. Access ProFundCom Benchmarking here

Market Sentiment

The chart below shows the sentiment across the main financial sectors in March 2022.

What Was the Marketing Sentiment for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Hedge Funds in March 2022?


For more details on this month’s market sentiment click here

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