Published: 11 February, 2024

The Importance Of Email Templates For Branded Fund Content

Despite the influx of all new digital marketing channels, most investors wouldn’t choose to find funds by flicking through a TikTok timeline. That’s why for fund information and communications, email reigns supreme.

Email doesn’t just translate a lot of information into a short space, but they are easy to personalise and sequence as a series to keep regular subscribers up to date with all your newly released outlooks, commentaries and resources. For any promotional newsletter format, it helps to position your brand in the front of the mind of all that receive it.

In many cases, the humble email format still makes up 100% of a firm’s digital communications. It’s unsurprising, as it has many perks for its creators as those that sign up to read them. Most notably, their ability to become reusable templates for monthly updates or annual reports. They’re also highly scalable, bringing the same look and feel to any number of subscribers. When they are vibrant and memorable, emails can boost the credibility of the enclosed information and the fund that sends them.

Luckily, creating email templates is more accessible now to fuel those nurture campaigns. Many template plugins can be integrated into a CRM. Professional services specifically help fund managers to create visually appealing mailers choc-full of valuable statistics, graphs and historical information. Many platforms offer analytics for mass-sent templates too, including open rates and click-through rates.

No matter how you do it, here’s a 101 to crafting an irresistible fund email for investors:

Colour scheme and logo: These help to catch the eye in any email inbox and are intrinsically linked to a fund’s brand, signalling that vital information is enclosed inside. Here are some great articles on colours in emails.

Personalised copy: A name-first greeting with your tone of voice helps build trust from a valuable source, with a short introductory paragraph summing up the contents of the email, any contextual market information and its key takeaways.

Linked fund information: Embedded links to website fund pages help draw investors to funds of interest that they may not be aware of.

Data-centric tables and charts: Nothing strikes the eye as well as visuals, particularly for dense numerical data. Colourful tables and charts help to display a fund’s historical performance, as well as to track and match performance to a benchmark, without getting too bogged down with words.

Factsheets will always be valuable, and digital means allow funds to populate them with pertinent information with ease, ready to automatically reach their interested investors’ inboxes. Not quite in the words of ZZ Top, everyone goes crazy for a sharp-dressed template. But the principle remains when a snazzy appearance is the top way to get noticed.



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