Published: 22 February, 2022

The Five Pillars Of Successful Digital Fund Marketing

Things have changed forever in the fund marketing sector.

Whereas once relationships started with a meeting, in a hospitality box, or over dinner – it’s now pretty much all digital.

You’re not meeting investors at The Wolseley or Lord’s anymore. Instead, it’s likely to be through digital sources, where prospects find you through email, website, social etc.

And that new reality has massively ramped up the importance of digital marketing in the fund sector.

But that doesn’t mean you should rush to get yourself over every possible digital channel.

For smaller funds, it’s about quality over quantity in terms of competing with the big boys. You can’t out-perform Blackrock, Vanguard et al when it comes to marketing investment and volume.

So, you must concentrate on the strength of your campaigns to differentiate your firm and bring in new clients.

And there are five pillars that are central to this process, which I’m going to outline in this article.

Pillar 1 – Content

Good content must do three things – educate, enlighten and entertain. Miss one of those and you miss a lot of engagement.

And the beauty of creating good content is that you can use it in a multitude of different ways – on your website, across social, in your emails, and repurposed into factsheets.

And if Ray Dalio is to be believed (and he should be) there are three things that fund communications must concentrate on – investment strategy, attitude to risk, and performance. And it should be in that order, as potential investors are far more interested in how you’re going to handle and invest their money, than hearing about your latest success.

But the golden rule is this – content takes consideration, so do it carefully and do it well.

Pillar 2 – Inbound

In short, inbound is about getting found and shared and – in the process – getting prospects’ data. This doesn’t mean using Google AdWords (pretty much the worst thing you can do, in fact). Instead, it means getting your name and opinions across the fund sector by featuring in industry publications, platforms and panels, producing advertorials and newsletters, making media appearances, and running surveys.

But you must keep going. There is no point in starting all this stuff and then giving up a couple of months in – people need to see and hear from you on a consistent basis before you start building trust. And the beauty of this is that, when you’re trusted, people will happily leave their data with you and join your marketing list.

Pillar 3 – Email

Frowned upon it may be, yet email is by far the most effective method of reaching clients and prospects. But for it to work properly you must have a quality list (grown, not bought) that’s been cleaned of bounces, unused addresses etc. Otherwise, your delivery rates will drop off a cliff.

And remember, nobody wants to see loads of pretty images with no substance, The key to good emails is quality content combined with a single call to action.

Pillar 4 – Social

Will anybody ever make an investment based on social media? No, but it can be valuable in building trust and cementing a positive opinion of your firm. But be careful to only share quality content, build your brand, and tie it into your content marketing on other channels. And don’t fixate on likes, as it’s not a terribly useful metric.

Pillar 5 – Integration 

Doing all of the above is all very well, but for it to actually have an effect, you must be able to analyse what’s going on and integrate that information. That enables you to see which channels are working best, the themes that work best on particular channels, and how you’re performing against your competition. Integration is also vital in demonstrating ROI, so you can show the C-suite exactly what they’re getting for their money in terms of new leads, successful sales and the source etc.

But the final, and most important part of this, is to be able to deliver reports to your sales team that tell them who are the hot prospects who need to be contacted and are ready to invest

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