Published: 18 July, 2021

The Five Most Important Checks Before Sending Out Emails in Finance

One of the challenges in sending emails with any message in finance is that they are full of all the trigger words that SPAM filters love. This problem continues to infuriate marketers in finance trying to get their email delivered with critical information to investors, prospects and other groups of people in their network.

This is where the concept of pre-flight email checks come in. It is the ability to see the potential success of an email hitting the inbox or ending up in the junk folder, or even worse, being silently bounced. There are five key checks that we believe are essential to make sure your emails get delivered as intended. According to the good folk at Wiki, in aviation, a preflight checklist is a list of tasks that should be performed by pilots and aircrew prior to takeoff. Its purpose is to improve flight safety by ensuring that no important tasks are forgotten. Failure to correctly conduct a preflight check using a checklist is a major contributing factor to aircraft accidents – some might even say that the email checklists are more critical!!!

So here they are

  • Check the display of the email on different email clients and mobile devices.
  • Do a test send to some free email providers and some corporate email addresses.
  • Check that your domain or sending IP address has not been blacklisted.
  • Check that your email is compliant.
  • Check that the sentiment of the email is as expected for the communication.

 There are a number of tools that do these individually but are cumbersome and become impractical when you are sending out a large number of emails either weekly or daily.

To address this problem, ProFundCom has developed the Delivery Studio. The Delivery Studio provides the ability to test all aspects of email delivery and covers covers Email Previews, Spam Report, Blacklist Detection, Mifid Compliance and Sentiment Checking.

These checks are also available for free on our website (registration required) in the ProFundCom free tool section.




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