Published: 3 July, 2021

Should Investor-Centric Fund Marketing Include A Social Media Strategy?

The answer to this question is yes, absolutely – as investor-centric marketing is all about giving existing and prospective investors more of what they want. And people increasingly want investment and interaction via social media.

the social channels that you choose to use will vary based on your audience. So, do some research into where your existing and prospective investors are going online and make sure you establish a proactive presence there, where you should be offering free advice and support and responding in real-time, acknowledging positive and negative comments, and sharing content (both your own and from other sources) that could help your audience. By actively engaging with your audience – and making sure you stick with it – then you can cultivate an active community of prospective and existing investors who see you as a go-to the source of advice, so will come to you with questions and requests for support. This, in turn, builds trust and makes them more likely to invest with you.

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