Published: 19 May, 2023

Save valuable time and costs with AI workflow tools

What’s more valuable than our time? Not a lot, and having to complete repetitive tasks rather than focusing on connecting with new and existing investors is a huge waste of it. But through automated technology and implementing AI helpers, not only can manual effort be taken care of, but it can help cut costs too.

As marketers, building up a tech stack is tough: a whole range of separate services and team workflows come together, though not always having matching data, which is a bit of a nightmare to oversee without having everything streamlined in one place.

It’s the way it seems to be. Marketers are expected to invest in multiple technologies to facilitate business objectives while also creating valuable content pieces, reformatted to various channels, to bring in new business. And, what’s more, everything here has to be considered in a go-to-market strategy budget.

These have been particularly tough economic times across the board, following worldwide pandemic recovery and inflation as just a few examples. Using up unnecessary funds and human work effort has serious implications on efficiency and can compromise the delivery of another important fund marketing factor: a great customer experience.

With AI automation plug-ins, they take over the repeated, dull tasks while understanding how to repackage all the collected data for you. While you can set about crafting powerful content ideas for investors to connect with, and running campaigns to bring in business for sales teams and the C-suite, AI tools are not just running independently but also self-learning to perfect their outputs. There’s no need to purchase a sparkly new workflow platform that can do the same as a handy add-on.

Machine learning is one application of AI which runs statistical models, and effectively trains a machine to think independently of human-given cues. Based on the historical investor engagement data it has gathered, AI can inform marketers about their insights and behaviour, all useful for adapting personalised communications accordingly.

Drip campaigns are a well-known automated usage in fund marketing, but how do AI automations make them work even more smoothly? Without a human hand needing to track every clicked call-to-action or event registration, AI tracks a user’s path in real-time, and updates the path’s course of action to get better results.

Essentially, it’s an organic, ever changing A/B testing experiment all informed by an AI’s self-correction. It takes a fraction of the time to understand how marketing campaigns are performing, and displays exactly how they can be changed to tailor to investors better.

We have witnessed between 10% and 30% gains in engagement due to these self-correction automations. Why not give the power of AI a try to see how it can revolutionise your existing manual workflows?

Real-time automations are a clear benefit of AI, and that’s just the start.

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