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ProFundCom Webinar – Tips For Financial Services Firms On Using Events In Marketing Strategy

Published: 4 April, 2013

Events are becoming a more important part of the marketing mix and are a powerful tool for the hedge fund and asset management industry, which is based on referral networks and trust, to strengthen ties with clients and prospects.

This month’s ProFundCom webinar featured events strategy expert Richard John andProFundCom founder Paul Das, who gave tips on creating and delivering an events schedule.
According to Das, the first step of drawing an audience can be achieved with a “four wave” campaign consisting of:

1) Making potential attendees aware of the date

2) Contacting interested parties via email

3) Contacting respondents via phone and non-respondents via automated emails

4) Sending a final reminder

Events are an effective way to get past the taboo of “selling” and “cold calling”, providing human interactions from which to grow business, said John. He had the following tips:

1) It’s all in a name
Naming the event is a crucial step, he said. For example, should an event be called a lecture, a summit, a masterclass, or a networker? All of these carry strong associations in the minds of potential attendees so the question needs to be considered: which would they most likely attend?

2) What’s in it for me?
Design messages with delegates in mind, emphasising tangible benefits to them rather than just outlining a schedule. Be prepared to answer all delegates’ questions with them in mind: what they will get out of it; why they should attend.

3) Keep delegates engaged through “left- and right-brain thinking”
Once delegates are there, engaging them is crucial. Events should stimulate as many areas of the brain as possible to make more of an impression on attendees, said John. This means that presentations should not only include verbal and written communication, based on logic and analysis, but should tap into people through the use of colour, space, images and imagination.

4) From passive to active
Delegates need to become more than listeners. Involving speakers and topics that are hot, and even controversial, might make for debate and disagreement – but this is preferable to a passive audience, said John.

5) Evaluate events
John used a pyramid diagram as a method of evaluating events. From the bottom of the pyramid up, the steps are to find out: whether delegates were satisfied; whether they learned from the event; whether the event had a real impact on them; whether the event delivered business results and, finally, whether the investment in it paid off.

About the webinar
The events strategy webinar was part of a series run by ProFundCom to help the hedge fund and asset management industry compete in a highly competitive environment.
The webinars examine financial services marketing across the spectrum – from planning to evaluation – across a host of media.

About ProFundCom
ProFundCom, trusted email marketing for finance, is a leading email consultancy designed specifically to support sales and marketing to the financial community. Headquartered in London, the firm works with brokers, hedge funds, large fund managers, wealth management boutiques and asset managers. ProFundCom was founded in 2005 by Paul Das.

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