Published: 26 July, 2022

ProFundCom Report – The Seven Practices Of Highly Successful Fund Marketers

Every profession and sector has its leaders – those who blaze a trail that others try and follow.

And fund marketing is no different. Some companies and individuals seemingly have the ‘magic touch’ that draws in new investors and encourages existing clients to stay longer and invest more.

How do they do it?

The truth is there’s no magic about it. Effective fund marketing doesn’t require any particular ability or specialist knowledge. What it does require is an appetite for hard work, having the right tech for the job, and the willingness to follow some fundamental principles that guide success.

During twenty years in this business, I have seen that the most successful fund marketers adhere to seven distinct practices that, when they are done well, both stimulate and sustain growth.

In this report, I will reveal and unpack each one and tell you what you must do to follow these practices and enjoy the same success as the leaders in our industry.

I hope it helps you to use marketing to raise and preserve AuM.


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