Published: 2 January, 2021

ProFundCom Releases Latest App::CRM

The ProFundCom in-build CRM is now available and comes as part of the AppStore or as a stand-alone ProFundCom App

The features of the CRM are built around having a simple interface without the complexity of other enterprise or domain-specific CRMs.

Customization and Configuration

Each manager is unique, yet each can benefit from using the CRM, and its full customization options. Configure and customize your CRM system to meet the specific needs and requirements of your company. Change layouts for the views, create custom entities, fields or relationships, customize message templates and application labels with the CRM’s Layout Manager, Entity Manager, Label Manager, and Template Manager.

Advanced Sales Automation

The CRM allows companies to substantially automate their business processes and operations. With the help of our innovative BPM and Workflow toolsets, it takes only a few clicks to design and execute a sales process. Specify the actions (changing field values, creating entities etc.) and the desired follow-ups (sending emails or notifications, setting tasks etc.) and reduce the amount of time and efforts spent on routine operations.

Data Security

Alleviate security concerns and protect your customers’ data with CRM’s security features. Set the security roles for sales and support managers as well as for their teams, configure the access rights to scope and field-level permissions and ensure that each customer gains access only to the relevant information connected to their position in the company.

Reports and Analytics

Monitor your sales and marketing performance with CRM’s reports and analytics. Our powerful report tools will turn your data into careful insights featuring a great variety of metrics (team performance, opportunities by stage or by lead source, etc.) so that you will be able to track your sales progress at different stages. Making accurate forecasts, predicting future sales and measuring sales effectiveness has never been easier.

Dashboard and Dashlets

The easy-to-use dashboard with dashlets provides instant access to the frequently used features and data related to sales activities. Divide your dashboard into various sections, arrange dashlets into the desired order, and enjoy having quick access to the needed features at your fingertips.

Activity Stream

Stay tuned and keep up with changes with Stream functionality. Available on the homepage and on the record level, the Activity Stream allows users to see the list of activities performed on the records, create personalized posts, comment on the updates, and a lot more. Users can monitor the most recent changes and always stay informed about on-going events across the entire company without spending much time and effort.

Marketing Automation

CRM software and email marketing are the two things that supplement each other, keeping both marketing campaigns and database professionally organized and consistent. Customizing email templates, creating proper target lists and automating email sending is much easier with ProFundCom’s Campaigns functionality.


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