Published: 26 May, 2019

ProFundCom Releases Connector for PowerBI and Tableau

ProFundCom, the leading financial services digital marketing platform, has extended the functionality of the platform to use Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau Software to generate custom dashboards.

This new integration enables the ProFundCom platform to generate reports across all digital channels that can be used to spot trends, target campaigns as well as provide a detailed view of all marketing activities. These reports can use static and real-time data and can be deployed within the ProFundCom platform as well as distributed within the organisation.

“The connectivity to PowerBI and Tableau has become important to our clients and we are already seeing tremendous benefits, specifically around RoI and executive/ management reporting,” said Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom. “””This puts the reporting and dashboard management firmly with our clients who know best what reports they want and how to visualize them. The days of taking a client’s watch, and getting them to pay you for telling them the time are long gone. We are proud to be a product company and delivering on an insanely great platform that uses digital marketing to help raise assets.””

The connectors are available on the ProFundCom AppStore or you can contact your account manager directly.

Here is an example of an interactive report using the new integration:


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