Published: 6 March, 2021

ProFundCom Product & Service Notification 6th March 2021

As a user of the ProFundCom platform, we want to notify you that there have been some changes to the platform. We will be sending these notifications every time there are updates to the platform.


Office 365 Reply
Impact: Medium
Section: Platform

If you want the ability to send your emails via Office 365 to improve deliverability then this feature is now available. Office 365 has historically restricted this feature for bulk emails. However, if you send via Office 365, you can only send from one email address unless your device can store login credentials for multiple Microsoft 365 or Office 365 mailboxes. Microsoft 365 or Office 365 imposes a limit of 30 messages sent per minute, and a limit of 10,000 recipients per day.

Multiple Organiser View on Event Manager
Section: Event Manager

The Event Manager now supports multiple organiser events in the dashboard. This way organisers can visually coordinate their effects better and can detect any scheduling or resource conflicts.

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