Published: 27 May, 2022

ProFundCom Product & Service Notification 27th May 2022

As a user of the ProFundCom platform, we want to notify you that there have been some changes to the platform. We will be sending these notifications every time there are updates to the platform.

Email Client Previews
Impact: Medium
Section: Templates
We now have incorporated the following email Previews

  • iPhone 12 iOS15
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS15
  • iPhone 13 iOS15
  • iPhone 13 (Dark Mode) iOS15
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max iOS15

Searching Links In Templates
Impact: Medium
Section: Templates
Description: Links can now be searched within the template editor. These can be for weblinks, documents, forms or special links.


Custom Blocks
Impact: Medium
Section: Templates
Description: Using the Custom Block function you can build out your own specific blocks if they are either not available in the standard ProFundCom blocks or if they need a specific look and feel. User Blocks save their content, layout and styling, allowing them to be quickly added to a template just like the standard blocks. Any text and images can be edited further when they are added to a template. Note that block background colours will be set to the default, although they will remain editable. The Advanced tab allows multiple blocks to be joined into one User Block.

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