Published: 12 April, 2020

ProFundCom Product & Service Notification 12th April 2020

As a user of the ProFundCom platform, we want to notify you that there have been some changes to the platform. We will be sending these notifications every time there are updates to the platform.


White Papers in the Help Section
Section: Platform

We have added a new section to our help section that allows all ProFundCom Users to access all of the ProFundCom white papers without needing to visit our website to access them. Just click on Resources to access them

Send Wizard Updates
Section: Wizard

We have made some significant changes to the UI for the Send Wizard. The goal has been to improve the usability for clients with lots more visual indicators especially for clients with lots of templates and campaigns. The workflow however remains the same

Drag and Drop Editor Upgrades
Section: Templates

  • Margin heights – Previously you were able to adjust the spacing between blocks using the ‘Vertical Spacing’ setting on each block. The disadvantage of this was that it did not work in Microsoft Outlook, due to Outlook ignoring the styling. We have reworked the blocks’ HTML to use different style fields so the vertical spacing setting now works in Outlook too.Click here for more detail
  • Mobile Stacking Order – Several blocks are set up so that when they are viewed on a mobile device, instead of reducing the size of the contents to unreadable levels, the blocks split themselves and stack their components on top of each other rather than side-by-side.Click here for more detail
  • Remove Margins on mobile – The Two-Panel block and single Panel block both have options to adjust the left and right margins – there is now an option to display the block with no margins on mobile view (whilst still keeping them on desktop view). Click here for more detail
  • Panel Block Image Spacing – The Two-Panel block now has an ‘Image Spacing’ setting for each panel. This will add padding to the top of the image to raise and lower it within the block. Click here for more detail


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