Published: 26 June, 2012

ProFundCom Intregrates With CRM Systems To Provide Excellent ROI

ProFundCom has unveiled its CRM blade, giving hedge fund managers and asset managers the ability to track contact engagement from within their CRM systems. The integration provides an incentive to keep the data in the CRM system up-to-date and, as a result, usage increases. Furthermore, any reports generated from the system have the granularity to give a realistic business position – whether it is a sales forecast, support requests or even a basic client list.

“This is the additional ROI that ProFundCom provides and stops the CRM becoming a glorified diary system,” said Paul Das, founder and managing director of ProFundCom.

The reports that can be generated are:

Sales Intelligence Reports

  • Identify which prospects are interested in which products
  • Recognize cross-selling opportunities
  • Qualify leads to help create a targeted sales approach

Marketing Intelligence Reports

  • Establish which communications will work best in your campaign
  • Determine how contacts are engaging with your communications
  • Analyze which factors contribute to a successful marketing campaign

ProFundCom is certified to run on the following CRM systems, and also has successful deployments on:

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