Published: 16 January, 2020

ProFundCom Featured App: Event Manager

Events, whether live or online, now form an integral part of the omni-channel approach for financial services firms.

Industry events have always been important but there has been an undeniable shift towards running company-owned events rather than simply participating at those organised by third parties.

With customer centricity now being at the forefront of everything we do, breakfasts, conferences, webinars and company parties are on an unprecedented rise in our industry.  They lend themselves well to establishing credibility and trust – of paramount importance when promoting funds and looking for investors.

But we all know that the planning and execution of any event is incredibly time consuming so how do you ensure operational efficiency and accuracy when it comes to organising multiple events?

In line with client feedback, ProFundCom’s Event Manager App has recently undergone a huge upgrade and ensures that marketing and event teams are released to focus on other important areas of their job function.

What’s new?

The ProFundCom Event Manager is now a fully integrated and stand-alone platform for all events – whether you are a ProFundCom platform client or not.

The Event Manager App enables you to manage events from the very start with everything in one central place.  Create stand-alone bespoke microsite event pages, tailored registration forms and on-site check-in for attendees.  You can store essential venue data and files together with the ability to chart data against other events and automate ROI reporting.

What’s different?

Using the power of the ProFundCom platform, the ProFundCom Event Manager automatically scans all engagement data for you and enables you to design robust automations based on individual interactions.

Gone are the days of this being a manual process – the Event Manager App does it all for you.

How will this help?

By staying close to our users, we know that marketing and event departments are often sinking with a multitude of tasks and events are probably one of the most time-consuming areas.  The ProFundCom Event Manager focuses on operational efficiency releasing key staff to focus on other key areas of the marketing strategy.

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