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The ProFundCom Appstore Goes From Strength To Strength

Published: 19 November, 2014

ProFundCom, the leader in email marketing for the finance sector, has revealed that its very own AppStore is proving a huge success with customers after launching two years ago.

The AppStore gives ProFundCom clients access to advanced features of the ProFundCom platform, through apps that offer a host of benefits.

The apps range from a microsite designer and invitation designer to a meeting manager that simplifies scheduling through an online diary hub. The AppStore also features plug-ins for major CRMs such as Salesforce and Dynamics, as well as industry specific CRMs.

However, the most successful app in the AppStore is the Website Engagement App, which provides an unprecedented analytical capability by tracking exactly who has visited a website as well as who has been accessing email communications. This goes far beyond the basic information provided by Google analytics by enabling ProFundCom clients to see which of their contacts has visited their site and details their name, the company they work for, their email address and which email communications they have already engaged with. The Website Engagement App has transformed analytics in the financial sector by providing sales and marketing teams with information that directly helps them raise and preserve assets.

“At ProFundCom we are always improving our platform and processes to benefit our clients,” explains ProFundCom Founder and MD Paul Das. “This is why we launched the Appstore – as a way to provide even more functionality to our customers. We have been delighted by the response and will be building on this success by releasing a series of new apps in spring 2015.”

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