Published: 18 April, 2020

ProFundCom Adds Zoom Webinar and Meeting Integration to the ProFundCom AppStore

A large number of our clients have started to run events and meetings using Zoom. Zoom’s success has enabled online meetings, business messaging, and webinars directly with a single unified platform, and offers a best-in-class video, audio, and screen-sharing experience.

One of the challenges that our clients are facing is the inability to gauge the success of a series of webinars and what themes and topics are performing well.

With ProFundCom’s integration, clients are now able to automatically add Zoom webinar registrants to ProFundCom for automated follow up, but more importantly, all their analytics and behaviours are stored on ProFundCom to be analysed with additional marketing data from all other digital marketing channels.

“We are delighted that our team has developed an App that in light of the current pandemic and how working practices have changed, our clients will find extremely useful,” said Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom.

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