Marketing Automation for Salesforce

There are several marketing automation solutions for Salesforce. They are, however, incredibly generic and, as a result, need significant investment to customise into a solution that gives managers the ability to raise and preserve AuM. At best, it is a solution that sends bulk emails out, and at worst, it is a costly solution that does not integrate with the asset-raising process.

Using a generic solution has its own challenges.

  1. Lack of specific functionality: Generic software is designed for use by a wide range of industries and businesses, so it may not have the specific functionality required by fund managers and their marketing teams. This can lead to inefficiencies, additional costs, and workarounds.
  2. Inability to scale: Generic software may not be designed to handle the unique needs of a particular industry or business, making it difficult to scale as the AuM grows. This can lead to increased costs, lower productivity, and lost investment opportunities.
  3. Lower efficiency: Generic software will not be optimized for fund marketing, leading to lower efficiency and productivity. This can also lead to additional employee training requirements, which can be time-consuming and costly.
  4. Higher costs: Generic software will require additional customization, integration, and maintenance costs to meet the specific needs of a fund marketing team. This can lead to higher costs and reduced return on investment.
  5. Security risks: Generic software may not be designed to meet the unique security and compliance requirements of a particular industry or business, which can leave sensitive data and systems vulnerable to cyberattacks.

In contrast, domain-specific software is designed specifically for a particular industry or business. It has the specific functionality, scalability, efficiency, and security features required to meet that industry’s or business’s unique needs. This can increase efficiency, productivity, profitability, improve security, and lower costs.

ProFundCom’s integration with Salesforce is exactly what we needed to give us the scalability, efficiency, and security features that were not available in generic marketing automation providers – even Salesforce’s own many offerings. We are delighted that we went with ProFundCom.

We have found that overall, domain-specific software can provide managers with a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, productivity, scalability, better customer experience, improved security, lower costs, and a competitive advantage based in deep domain expertise – like ProFundCom.

Christopher Laregina
Head of Digital Strategy
Third Avenue Partners


marketing automation for salesforce hedge funds


Increased efficiency

Domain-specific software is designed to meet the specific needs of a particular industry or business, which means it can streamline processes, reduce manual work, and increase efficiency.

Improved productivity

By automating tasks, reducing errors, and improving workflows, domain-specific software can help fund managers increase their productivity and output.


Domain-specific software can be designed to scale with the asset-raising process, providing the necessary functionality and resources as the business grows.

Better investor experience

Domain-specific software can be designed to improve the investor experience with features such as personalized recommendations, easy-to-use interfaces, and faster response times.

Improved security and compliance

Domain-specific software can be designed with fund marketing-specific security features and protocols, reducing the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches.

Lower costs and cost of ownership

While domain-specific software may require some initial investment (and a little bit of faith), it can lead to lower ongoing costs in the long term by reducing configuration and consulting costs.

Competitive advantage

By using software that is designed specifically for their industry or business – in this case, fund marketing, managers can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors who are using badly configured generic software.