Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics

ProFundCom has a deep integration with Microsoft Dynamics both on-prem and in the cloud, that helps managers avoid the pitfalls of a generic marketing automation platform.

There are significant challenges with using generic marketing automation platforms with Microsoft Dynamics.

  1. Limited customisation: Generic marketing automation platforms are designed to cater to a broad range of businesses. As a result, they often lack the flexibility to accommodate unique fund marketing processes, making it difficult to customise the platform to meet specific fund marketing requirements.
  2. Inefficient workflows: A generic marketing automation platform will not be optimised for your fund marketing workflows. As a result, you may find that the platform requires a lot of manual input to execute tasks, leading to inefficiencies and wasted time.
  3. Poor data quality: Marketing automation platforms rely heavily on data, and the data’s accuracy can significantly impact your campaigns’ effectiveness. If the platform does not have adequate data cleansing and validation features may lead to data quality issues.
  4. Lack of integration: A generic marketing automation platform will not integrate seamlessly with other marketing tools or systems you use, leading to data silos and a fragmented view of your marketing operations. This is generally the case when integrating into CRMs.
  5. Limited support: With a generic marketing automation platform, you may not have access to dedicated customer support or technical resources to help troubleshoot issues, leading to delays in problem resolution – or even understanding what fund marketing is!!!
  6. Higher costs: Generic marketing automation platforms may require additional customization, integration, or training to meet your business’s specific needs, increasing costs beyond the platform’s base price.

To avoid these pitfalls, it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate a marketing automation platform built specifically for the fund management sector.

Our integration with Microsoft Dynamics and ProFundCom has given us the ability to model complex workflows and automation that help us with continual fund raises that we have to do. The results has been a measurable increase in inflows to the funds we manage.

Ben Cowley
Head of Marketing
Connection Capital


Workflow customization

A customized marketing automation platform can be tailored to your specific marketing workflows and processes. This ensures that the platform is optimized for your fund marketing needs and can help improve efficiency and productivity.

Advanced segmentation

A custom marketing automation platform can offer advanced segmentation capabilities that enable you to create highly targeted campaigns based on specific customer behaviours and attributes. This is critical in fund marketing where the tags and categorisation of investors and prospects can vary across multiple strategies.


Personalisation is critical to effective marketing, and a custom marketing automation platform can offer robust personalization features. This can include dynamic content creation, personalized email subject lines, and targeted messaging. This can also create reporting and factsheet communication based on investment portfolios and jurisdictions.


A custom marketing automation platform can be integrated with other marketing tools and systems, especially in this case Microsoft Dynamics. This helps ensure that data is synced across all marketing channels, providing a complete view of your marketing operations.

Data quality control

A custom marketing automation platform can include advanced data cleansing and validation features to ensure that the data used in campaigns is accurate and up-to-date. This helps improve campaign effectiveness and reduces the risk of errors – which are incredibly costly when dealing with valuation and investor statements tied into compliance.

Analytics and reporting

A custom marketing automation platform can offer advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling you to track campaign performance and measure ROI accurately.