Published: 11 January, 2022

London & Capital – ProFundCom Case Study

Find out how London & Capital are building a global brand with ProFundCom.

About London & Capital 

London & Capital is a specialist wealth and asset manager who work with clients to organise their wealth into a coherent global strategy, invest with a focus on capital preservation and provide clear, concise global reporting.

The core of their expertise is managing investments for wealthy families. They build investment strategies that are designed to be resilient and help clients achieve their long-term financial goals. Many of their clients are also international, with finances, business interests, property and family across multiple countries. They provide clear comprehensive financial strategies and global reporting regardless of currency or location.

London & Capital are also one of the few wealth managers who actively welcome US clients and are both SEC (US) and FCA (UK) regulated with a dedicated team looking after international American families since 1989. Whether you are a US Citizen or Green Card holder living abroad, a British expat in the US or a foreign entity with US reporting, they are uniquely positioned to assist with wealth planning, investment management and reporting across all global assets.

Victoria Carroll – Head of Marketing at London & Capital – explains what ProFundCom means for her company.

Many people in the funds sector recommended ProFundCom

I joined London & Capital at a time when we were trying to professionalise and organise client communications. Prior to this, it was up to our advisers to communicate with clients as and when they saw fit.

This meant a situation where, when we had an interesting document – like a white paper – we’d put it on the website and some advisers would send it out via email, but others wouldn’t.

So, we needed cohesion and a way to organise and structure our communications – and wanted a platform to help us do that. Coming from a background at HSBC, where that was established practice, I was used to communicating with clients directly, but it was a new approach for our advisers, who have direct relationships with clients and were used to managing communication themselves.

The key to making sure the client-facing staff were comfortable, was finding a quality, user-friendly platform – so we started to dig around for suitable options. We asked others for advice and many people in the wealth and asset management sector recommended ProFundCom, so it was very much on the list of possible options.

We narrowed it down to a shortlist of two – and ProFundCom looked preferable as it had a CRM capability, which the other lacked.

But what really sold ProFundCom to me was the people at the firm, as Paul and the rest of the team were just so helpful.

Implementation was easy

We found it very easy to implement ProFundCom. They worked with our designer to set up a custom email template for us. The process was completely on our terms – it was never a ‘we know best’ attitude from them. And what we came up with together became the most successful email of its type across all ProFundCom clients.

It’s refreshing to deal with a firm that’s so honest and open     

Now we’re an established client, it’s the service we get from ProFundCom that has impressed me more than anything. Nothing is too much trouble. Often with platforms like this, challenges are met with teeth-sucking from the support team in question and a request for more money. But that never happens with ProFundCom – they always figure something out, no matter what the problem.  It’s refreshing to deal with a firm that’s so honest and open.     

They resolve things quickly and are always available to jump on a call or have a meeting. It’s a close and genuine relationship, which you just wouldn’t get with a bigger company – and that’s very important and useful to us.

ProFundCom help us to ensure everything is spot on and secure

We are currently using ProFundCom for marketing messages, but also for mandatory comms. These often include a lot of confidential information, so ProFundCom help us to ensure everything is spot on and secure.

We are planning to integrate the CRM capability soon, which will provide access to marketing intelligence and help us to bring in new business – as our advisers will be able to identify the best people to be having a conversation with. I’m excited to see how this will progress.


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