So what did we learn in 2014 about email and digital marketing…..

Published: 19 December, 2014

Here is a slightly irreverent look at what the business analysts learnt about email marketing and digital marketing in 2014.


Without wanting you get between Christmas parties and the over-bloated feeling just after the New Years day, here is a very quick summary of what I learnt (along with our 350 users) in 2014.

In email marketing

  • Less is more – Have a summary and a call to action
  • Mobile – No one reads performance PDFs or reports on small screens
  • Branding – Make sure your branding is lower on the email than the first thing on the email
  • Salutation – Always have a salutation, especially for investors and warm prospects
  • Research – Free research or thought leadership works

On compliance

  • Do not use Social Media
  • Do not make offers in your emails (AIFMD)
  • Make sure your database is correctly segmented by country at the very least
  • Make sure your emails have an unsubscribe
  • As far as possible make sure all recipients are opt-in

On social media

  • Do not use Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter


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