Published: 9 June, 2020

Is Rising Email Volume A Problem For Fund Marketers?

The answer to this question is – possibly. Statistics show that the number of marketing emails being sent is rising and, consequently, engagement rates are dropping.

This suggests there’s just too much stuff out there – and packed inboxes means people are more discerning with what they do and don’t open. And even when they do open an email, they are not necessarily going to click on anything that’s within it. This means that you’ve got to try harder than ever to produce content that is actually of interest to the prospective and existing investors on your list. That may sound like common sense (it is) but it’s so often ignored in favour of just sending something out for the sake of it. This strategy assumes that just putting your name in front of people is good, no matter how bland the content. But that’s not true, as sending out boring, untargeted content to investors risks you losing those prospects for life – as they will simply unsubscribe from your list, or just automatically ignore your emails as they know they’re not useful. So, you need to offer better content in your emails. And if that means you contact your list less often, then so be it. Sending out poorly thought out emails does way more harm than good.

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