Published: 2 June, 2022

Investment Content Quarterly: Q2 2022

Investment Content Quarterly: A Special Report for investment marketers

Savvy Investor’s latest Investment Content Quarterly (ICQ) for Q2 2022 provides unique insights and market intelligence viewpoints, derived from our own data and observations. Designed to help investment marketers better understand content trends and assist them in developing their content strategy, this report includes a list of the Top 100 white papers from the Savvy Investor platform and a granular analysis of views and topic popularity.

Click to download: Investment Content Quarterly: Q2 2022 (Savvy Investor)

Key Takeaways:

  • This quarter there was a three-way tie for the topic area covered most frequently by content authors within our Top 100 list of Q1. Papers on the debt and credit outlook, ESG and ethical investing, and the global economic outlook each appeared 25 times on this list.
  • The Top 100 list features a number of papers written about inflation and inflation expectations, a topic that influences both global economics and the outlook for debt/credit markets. The spike in this content was largely driven by inflation in the United States and elsewhere rising to levels not seen since the 1980s.
  • The most popular paper of the quarter was a Special Report titled ‘2022 Investment Outlook: The new abnormal?’ This collection of annual outlook papers received almost 2,000 views during Q1, beating the second most popular paper by over 400 views. Although this report was released in late January, Savvy Investor still recommends that content providers release their annual outlooks as early as possible, in order to remain relevant for longer and to avoid going live when the market is already saturated with annual outlook content. (For further details about our Special Report schedule and information about sponsoring a report of your own, see page 21 of the ICQ)
  • The number of articles and papers published on the Savvy Investor platform has been increasing year-on-year. We uploaded 4,151 pieces back in 2016, and an incredible 11,541 in 2021. We have observed high growth (in terms of volume) in topic areas such as ESG investing (1,490 papers in 2021 compared to 170 in 2016), which saw a 50% uptick year-on-year. We also saw a 175% increase in papers on sovereign wealth funds over the same time period.

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