Published: 23 June, 2021

How To Use Your Website To Make Your Marketing More Investor-Centric

Investor-centric marketing is all about making life easier for your prospective and existing investors – and your website has a big role to play in this.

These days, a good fund website needs to do more than simply impart run-of-the-mill information. You need to both explain what you do and how it can benefit your potential investors. And you must go into specifics and explain what your fund offers that others don’t – and what sets it apart. But a website that is truly investor-centric is one that also gives people things that are useful to them but are not obviously linked to your company and fund. You massively raise your worth by providing helpful content – such as blog posts, videos and charts – that provide useful and impartial advice on investing and funds. This turns your site into a resource that people will visit to find reliable information on investing, rather than just to find out more about your company. This will also help you grow traffic to your site, which in turn means more potential investors are visiting it. An investor-centric site must also provide current information about your funds and products, so that – for example – existing investors can quickly check on performance.

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