Published: 23 March, 2020

How To Use Marketing Technology To Build Trust Amongst Investors

Trust is an essential part of successful fund marketing, and technology has a big role to play in this – as it enables you to have trust-building conversations with any potential investor.

This is because marketing technology can be used to build a picture of any prospect, by tracking and analysing how he or she interacts with your digital content. For example, by tracking email open and click rates you can easily see what they are and aren’t interested in. This in turn informs your marketing and sales teams, who can send messages and have actual conversation based on what they know is relevant to a prospect. This builds trust, as it shows a potential investor they are not just dealing with a faceless institution with little knowledge about them, but rather a company that actually understands them. And, when you have trust, a positive investment decision is far more likely.

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