Published: 5 November, 2020

How To Run A Successful Online Fund Marketing Event – Part Two

This is the second in a two-part series on how to run a successful online fund marketing event.

In the first post I concentrated on planning. And in this article I’m going to look at how to maximise your investment and ensure your event actually brings in some money in terms of raising or retaining assets.

Let’s start with actually running the event, as if this goes wrong then all your planning has been for nothing. So, it’s vital to check everything before you go live. About half an hour before the event, you should check that your tech is working – sound, screen share, slides, IMs etc – and that all your speakers are ready and waiting. Also, ensure that you have a backup to the main speaker in place – who can fill in should anything go wrong.

So, with proper planning, preparation and checking, your event should go well.

But what you do after the event has taken place is just as important. It is only then that you can judge if the event has been worth the time and investment.

And to find all that out, you must analyse the data derived from the webinar. For instance, you can see the geographical spread of the participants. But you can also look at the breakdown of who actually attended – existing clients, prospects, brokers etc, how long people attended for and how much attention they paid, and how it rated against previous webinars. Also, what were the best distribution channels? For larger events, who were the most popular speakers and which topics resonated most? How many new clients have come on board as a result of the event?

You can also simply ask attendees a blunt question – was the webinar useful, or not?

The answers to all these questions both enable you to justify ROI and help you tweak things for future events to make them more successful.

And you can use your CRM to closely track engagement and tie it into your lead scoring system, which can help guide your future marketing efforts and increase your chances of successful sales.

Lastly, you must also recycle your event for all its worth. So, distribute the recording as soon as you can, share the slides, repurpose into a white paper or and/or article series (this very post started life as a webinar), and even call those who have attended.

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